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Welcome to Masks for Halloween where you will find the latest in halloween masks and accessories.

Halloween is a great time for adults and kids to dress up and become someone else for an evening or at least a few hours. Part of the fun is choosing a costume and matching mask that is sure to make your neighborsThe Walking Dead Little Girl Zombie scream and give those who are faint of heart a bit of a scare.

Creating your own Halloween costume is not difficult to do and you can make one out of practically anything that you have in your wardrobe. But the crowning glory to any halloween costume would have to be the mask. You can use makeup which is perfectly ok but there is something about an actual mask that makeup often fails to achieve. So it is little wonder that people who really enjoy Halloween start searching for masks months in advance of the actual holiday.

Top Halloween Masks For 2015

We've found some great masks available for Halloween 2015. From celebrities to politicians and of course the usual scary looking movie characters, you are certain to find a great mask to suit your tastes. Here are our top 4 picks for 2015. 

1. Batman Arkham City Henchman MaskJoker's Henchman Mask

Batman themed masks are always popular and in past years we have featured a number of different characters from the series. Arkham City is a popular Batman video game and features the Joker's Henchmen who are notable for wearing clown makeup and masks along with hoodies and singlets. Now that's an outfit that shouldn't be too difficult to put together! 

If you are looking for a halloween costume that provides maximum impact with minimal effort then consider being a Henchman for the night. This deluxe latex mask is available from

2. President Obama MaskBarack Obama Mask

So okay, this mask isn't frightening in the more traditional sense but, if you are attending a Halloween party with a bunch of people and politics is normally a no-go zone then this could perhaps stir up some trouble.

Politician masks have always been popular and many people can't resist being a celebrity for the night. After all, what better way to shake things up than by introducing a political flavor to the night. So go ahead, if scary isn't really your thing, why not become Barack Obama for the night and have a frighteningly funny evening!

3. Walking Dead Decayed Head Piece  The Walking Dead Decayed Head Mask

One really great mask is the Walking Dead Decayed Head piece mask. This latex mask covers the head and neck and is sure to make anyone scream in fear when approached by you on a dark night. The mottled purple color on the neck and lower part of the face, gives a real life impression of where blood has settled while the skin peeling away from the brain leaves no doubt that this person has indeed risen from the grave.

To match this headpiece to clothing that looks somewhat dirty and rotting is bound to convince even those who know better that you really have just stepped from the grave to join in the holiday fun. This mask is great for adult Halloween parties but you might not want to wear it handing out candy to those young trick or treaters as you are sure to inspire a nightmare or two.

4. Priest In 3D - Vampire Overhead Deluxe Latex Mask (Adult)  Priest in 3D Vampire Mask

Vampires are popular every year, and the Priest in 3D vampire overhead deluxe latex mask is indeed frightening to behold. What makes this mask so scary is the melted look to the skin of the face leaving no real features just a series of wrinkles and those sharp pointed teeth just aching to take a bite out of you! Combine this mask with a monk's robe and you will be able to send chills even through those who don't believe in vampires and things that go bump in the night.

This mask is sure to be the hit of Halloween office or neighborhood party and is bound to get you noticed though it may not get you a date if that is what you are aiming for. Still, one never knows when there just may be a cute little witch present who believes that looks aren't everything so go ahead and terrify those nosy neighbors with this really fun and gruesome mask.


No matter what your plans are for this year's Halloween make sure you check out the wide variety of costumes and masks that are available online. You can get great deals on hats, wigs, accessories, decorations, pet costumes, halloween party supplies and makeup, for the complete Halloween experience.  Happy trick or treating.  

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