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Saw Puppet Mask

Saw Puppet MaskThe movies have always provided some of the best ideas for Halloween costumes both among children and adults. But the favorite of all movie characters to bring alive during this special holiday are those hated characters from the best horror movies around. What's not to love? These are the faces of our nightmares and Halloween is a night of thrills and chills, and frights.

One of the most unique and frightening of movie characters is The Saw Puppet of the Saw Movies. This puppet is used to communicate the evil intents of the leading character and the mastermind behind all the "games." While he is only a puppet, the Saw puppet brings chills to the spines of almost everyone whose path he crosses.

Now you can become the Saw Puppet himself by purchasing the Saw Puppet Mask. When you walk into that party everyone will feel the suspense of knowing your puppet master is around the corner and although all may be laughing and seem to be having a great time, a part of them will be waiting for that scream they are sure will be coming. You'll have everyone at the party on edge the whole of the night.

Saw Puppet Mask

The saw puppet mask is an overhead mask that looks eerily just like the one seen in the movies. Made of PVC and polyester this mask is indeed frightening to behold and even looks evil to those who have not seen the movie. For those who are Saw fans, the likeness will certainly attract some wanted attention.

What Do The Reviews Say?Saw Pig Head Mask

Reviewers give this mask 4 out 5 stars. They find it to be realistic and in keeping with the Saw movies. For only $40.00, they feel it made them the hit of the party. If you want to attend the party with a friend, there is a Saw Pig Head Mask, which is equally frightening and sure to make the two of you the demon duo of the night.

While this mask may not be for everyone, it certainly can be a great mask for those who want to create fear in the hearts of men or at least small children this mask should do the trick. However, for a more realistic Saw puppet look you may also want to invest in the Saw Puppet Costume as well.

Be sure to choose a costume and mask that you are comfortable with and that you will enjoy wearing, that way your evening is sure to be a success and if you just happen to frighten one or two people on the way to the party then so much the better.

Just make sure your mask arrives in time and is exactly what you want so that when Halloween comes around you won't find yourself trying to find a last minute replacement or the costume to go with this great Saw Puppet Mask.

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